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Submission Process for Resume Creation/Revision Services

1. Send us an e-mail with a copy of your current resume in Word or .txt attached.
2. We will revise formatting, word choice, and check for errors.
3. You may then receive an e-mail asking specific questions about your career.
4. You will receive a final version within 3-5 days from your first submission.
5. If you would like to request further revision, you may do so within one week after receiving the final version.

Additional Information to include in your first e-mail to us:


E-mail address

Street Address

Phone number

Desired position or industry

Key strengths you want to have reflected on your resume

If pressed for time, the desired deadline

Anything else you want us to know

Prices (Effective as of 4/1/2006):

Item Price (Yen, including tax)
Regular - English Resume 52,500
Express - English Resume 63,000

Note: Regular orders are normally completed in 3-5 business days. Express orders are completed in 48 hours after the confirmation e-mail from Afia.


1. Our services do not guarantee jobs or interviews for desired positions.

2. We will not disclose any information you provide us, unless you specifically request us to forward your resume to specific parties.

3. Depending on the industry of choice, we may be able to refer you to HR divisions or executive search firms. For details, please send us an e-mail.

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