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Afia Corporation Guiding Principles

1. The Dream.

We are what we dream. We become what we believe we will become. The greater the vision, the more detailed our plan of action. Everything we do, every client we serve is worth 100% of our effort.

2. Forever Forward.

We face the future, not the past. We dare, instead of criticizing the failure of others. We don't dwell on past success, we create greater successes.

3. Our Passion.

Our passion is to create, to grow, to implement.

4. Beyond Darwin.

Our people evolve. We challenge ourselves to new heights. We pride in our speed of growth, and emphasize flow over stock.

5. Balance.

We balance theory and experience, business and personal life, knowledge and intuition, curves and slices. Professional, yet fun to hang out with. Sometimes we're right on target, sometimes we're left with much more than that with which we started.

6. Outside the Box.

We are all trained against trains of trained thought. We can step out of the boundaries on any given problem and devise creative solutions on the fly. There is no one right way to achieve a goal; by staying flexible we can create new opportunities for growth.

7. Clients.

Our clients' success is our success. Working together we share one dream. Such moments are the purpose of Afia's existence.

8. Top quality service.

Service is about figuring out the needs of the client before the client does, and catering to those needs efficiently and effectively. Our brains are always on their feet.

9. One by one.

Everyone is a unique amalgamation of attributes; every problem has an exciting new twist. We focus on customization to the core. Every step of the way, we support our clients on an individual level while simultaneously serving corporate goals.

10. The Law.

We are paranoid about the law. Some rules are meant to be broken, others aren't ever meant to be broken.

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