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Director   Takuto Fukudome


Work Experience and Education

Takuto previously served as a founding member of Lady-bird (currently Jinzai-Company) and established a management consulting company in New Hampshire, serving as Vice President. In October 2002 he became Principal of Asian Pacific Operations, and became a founding member of Afia Corporation in June 2003. A graduate of The Sanno Institute of Management, Takuto also has work experience at Nintendo Co. Ltd., Orix Corporation, and FIKS Communications.


Retail Sales Certification Level 2
Business Ability Examination Level 2 (Ministry of Education)
Business Writing Skill Examination Level 2 (Ministry of Education)
Certified Secretary Level 1.5
License for Operation of Dangerous Articles (4&5)
Drafting Certification Level 2
Certificate of Industrial English Level 2
Small-scale Boiler Equipment Handling Certification

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