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What is Afia?

Afia stands for A Fantasy In Action.

The underlying concept in all Afia activities is the focus on the individual. People "belong" to many different groups (family, corporation, nationality, gender, age group, sports team), but as a forest is not a forest without individual trees, a "group" is an empty concept if it does not contain unique individuals. Whether any given person seems active or passive each individual has a sizeable impact in a group, with a large portion of such an impact acting out of awareness.

Afia's focus on the individual begins by accepting his/her unique traits and capabilities and allowing him/her to effectively communicate with others, creating synergies such that the value of the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. The resulting web of communication and understanding can lead to the actualization of A Fantasy In Action.

The Afia logo illustrates the concept of stepping out of the box. When the letters of the logo, symbolizing individuals, is inside the box, they cannot be seen and therefore are locked within the boundaries and cannot differentiate themselves from the others. Once outside the box, the desired self can be created. This is in contrast to saying that the "true self" is "discovered"; such notions are a product of thinking inside the box; that there is a true self and that people cannot change.

All Afia services therefore support the individual to make changes that lead to better life balance and stronger relationships. Positive improvements feed into other areas of life, leading to greater self-actualization and the ability to constantly live at above 100%, to live A Fantasy In Action. There is always room for change.

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